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Blast from the Past! 
Location- This is Gulliver’s Field in Portland down behind the Armory/UNE on Stevens Ave in Portland. This was Waynflete’s home field at that time. Because we were still club we played a JV schedule.

#20 Deke Andrew
Player with stick between legs is Tom Gallivan
Goalie #2 is Bryce Hickey (Back-up to Josh Lentz)
The Little Guy in the Blue #28 Jersey is Travis Roy
This year's 2018 Alumni Game will be JULY 18th 1:00pm Saturday during the Clam Festival.

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This year 27 Yarmouth Lacrosse Alumni participate in the annual beat-down of the little Clippers. It was a close game that was tied 7-7 late into the 4th quarter. John Curry was in the goal for the alumni playing out of his mind. The Alumni scored with one minute left in the game. The alumni are undefeated with an 10-0 record. Please try to make it again this year. Please check back in the spring for details.
 Year  Alumni  YHS
 20178 Blue  7 White
 2016 10 2
 2015 15 7
 2014 9 3
 2013 8 7
 2012 12 8
 12  5
 2010  8  6
 2009  12      
 2008 (OT)  8  7
 2007  10  6
 2006  11  6
 2005  7  5
 2004  11  9

 The Alumni are undefeated starting with the first game in 2004. The Alumni game started as a celebration of Evans Spear's life and leadership of Yarmouth Lax.

Here is a Partial List of some Yarmouth Lacrosse Players from 1990-1996. If you have more names please email david_pearl@yarmouthschools.org or Tom Nastro at motnastro@gmail.com

Jon Greenier 96

Paul Cutrona 96

Ray Payne 96

Matt Palmer

Adam Driscoll 94

Dan Case 96

Ben Bucci 95

Shane Vitalius 96

Alex Berry 96

Nathan White

John Clark 96

Bob Olivadoti 96

Colin Riley

Nathan Ostis

J B Dennison 96

Sean Gallivan

Dean Hogencamp 96

Kevin Graham

Brian Hogencamp

A C Collelo 96

Marshall Jones

Neils Mank 95

Jason Brann

John Moore 96

Porter Holmes

Pat Martin 96

Jason Loring 96

Scott Adams 96

Vaughn Wisneski 95

Jeff Belisle 96

Mike Hickey

Toby Ahrens 95

Adam Nyhan

Greg Lutton

Hayes Henderson 92

Eric Peterson 91

Josh Platt 91

Jay Putnam 92

Mike Schlemann 90

Dirk Storms 92

Tim Webster

Greg Cole

Russell Scott

Jason Little

Glenn Gorden

Malcolm Chase 96

Jeremiah Chase

Ryan McDonough 93

Derek Mauldin 93

James Greenier 92

Justin Grant 92

Brett Hathaway 91

Bryce Hickey 91

Brian Mills 91

Sam Bass 91

Andrew Taylor

Justin Davis 92

Josh Barrett 92

Josh Taggart 91

Mike Murray 91

Joe Martin 91

Jason Kollias 91

Mike Walsh 91

Jay Ostis 91

John Roscoe 91

Matt Swartz 92

Britt Vitalius 91

Chris Durloo 91

Brian McNaboe 92

Pat Simmons 91

Randy Rabidoux 92

Tom Gallivan 91

Ryan Cote 92

Josh Lentz 91

Craig Ford 91

Chris Harvey 90

Tim Heath 90

Deke Andrews 90

In 1986 3-5 Yarmouth students played on the NYA JV team. 

1987 NYA said they could no longer roster the Yarmouth players. As a result two of those players, YHS seniors Rich Tibbetts, Mike Cutler got things organized at Yarmouth. Rich's dad taught Industrial Arts at Yarmouth. The coach that year was Dick Emmons (DU). 

In addition to the guys that had been playing JV for NYA there were also 3-4 of us that left NYA to come back to Yarmouth in that year.  

I've cc'd Rich above he currently works for STX Hockey and lives locally. 

With those key seniors graduated we had to rally to get things organized in 1988. This is the year Bruce Myers helped us put an ad in the Shopping Notes with my phone number as the contact. This is the ad that Barry White responded to and was "hired" by Deke Andrews.

The strength of parent involvement really grew from 1988 onward. There were several key parents that took the reins and really drove it. The Ostis & Gallivan families were a huge part of it. 

Yarmouth played a JV schedule through the 1989 season then moved to varsity in 1990 (DII of the MILL I believe)

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