Records (Varsity)

Bruce Davis Award: This award is presented annually in honor of coach Bruce Davis who exemplified courage and decency in the face of adversity. The Bruce Davis award is bestowed on a Varsity Lacrosse player who honored the team and the game of lacrosse with the grit and grace that was Bruce Davis.

2000- Seth White
2001- Andrew Langella
2002- Bill Dionne
2003- Andy Pott
2004- Brent Stevens
2005- Alex Bubier
2006- Luke Stevens
2007- Rob Peixotto
2008- John Curry
2009- Rob Highland
2010- Brodie Woodson
2011- Sam Coleman
2012- Dennis Erving
2013- Ian Edgecomb
2014- Thomas Lord
2015- Timmy Pietropaoli
2016- Andrew Beatty
2017- Henry Venden
2018- Cole Buchanan
2019- Andy Garrett
Barry White Award: The Yarmouth Lacrosse Program is proud to honor coach Barry White by presenting a trophy annually to the Yarmouth High School Varsity Lacrosse Player who best exemplifies Coach White's "Unsung Hero" qualities.

2004- Ben Bohrmann
2005- Sean Bilodeau
2006- Mike Evans
2007- Bryan Ertz
2008- Dan Gerges
2009- Steven Derry
2010- Mike Johnson
2011- Kyle Groves
2012- Sam Torres
2013- Quinn Hathcock
2014- Matthew Woodbury
2015- Henry Oliva & Sam Rouda
2016- Patrick Grant & Topher Pidden
2017- Sean Moore
2018- Michael Guertler
2019- Connor Senger & Griffin Primeau

Bob Scott Award Winner 2019- Michael Guertler