Girls & Boys Yarmouth Lacrosse Boosters

Mission Statement: To promote and support the game of lacrosse for both boy and girl players of all ages in Yarmouth Maine.
Booster Meetings usually occur at YHS in Coach Pearl's classroom (room # 107) during the first week of each month, but the day of the week varies.  The meetings are usually at 7PM.  The meetings are open to all interested parents, from youth through high school. 

Volunteer Policy/Expectations
During the season:
The hope is that one parent from each family will serve one volunteer shift in the following roles.  Your choice on whether you serve at a boys game or a girls game. 
        Snack Shack - 9th through 11th grade parents
        Gate Entrance Fee Collection for Playoff Games - 9th through 11th grade parents
        End of Season Banquet/Celebration - 12th grade parents

Clam Festival:
This is the biggest fundraiser for the Lacrosse Boosters.  This event occurs the 3rd weekend of every July.  The hope is that one parent from each family and all players from rising 8th graders through rising 12th graders will serve at least one shift at either a Parking Lot or with the Trash Dogs.  Boy players should first sign up for a Trash Dogs shift.  Families of younger players are welcome to volunteer if they would like to. 

Contact Us:
Thank you for supporting Yarmouth Lacrosse!  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact any of the officers listed below.

2016-17 Officers

Co-President (Girls):  Maura Thornton

Co-President (Boys):  Chris Jacobs 

Treasurer:  Lisa Hook

Secretary: Rebecca Frein

High School Girls Representative:  Molly Marston

High School Boys Representative:  Rhonda Senger

Youth Liaison (Girls):  Kristina Keaney

Youth Liaison (Boys):  Katie Redfield

2017 Volunteer Leaders
(Lots of Open Positions - If interested please contact one of the co-presidents, Chris Jacobs or Maura Thornton)
Clam Festival:
Trash Collection (Trash Dogs) Leaders:  Will Truesdale, Maura Thornton
Parking Lots Leader:  Rhonda Birkbeck

Snack Shack Coordinator - Boys HS:  Needed
Snack Shack Coordinator - Girls HS:  Needed

Dodge Ball Fundraiser:  Kristin and Sean Venden

Senior Night Coordinators (See Description Below):
    Boys:  Needed
    Girls:   Needed

End of Season Banquet/Celebration Coordinator
   Boys:  Needed
    Girls:   Needed

Team Videographer/Photographer:
    Boys:   Needed
    Girls:   Needed

Field Coordinator (See Description Below):  Needed

Team Parents (See Description Below):
    Boys    Varsity    Rhonda Senger
                JV    Needed
                HS 1st Team  Needed
                8th Grade  Rhonda Senger
                7th Grade  Needed
                5th and 6th Grade  Needed
                3rd and 4th Grade  Needed

    Girls    Varsity  Molly Marston
                JV  Needed
                HS 1st Team  Needed
                8th Grade  Needed
                7th Grade  Needed
                5th and 6th Grade  Needed
                3rd and 4th Grade  Needed

Volunteer Leader Descriptions     

        Team Parent & Liaison: One volunteer parent is needed for each team from Grade 3 to Varsity. The team parent will assist the coach in communicating to parents during the season. The team parent will also be the liaison between the parents and the Boosters.  We encourage team parents to try and attend a booster meeting during the season. 

Senior Night:  Coordinate pictures for the seniors and the families at the last home game. Usually flowers are given to the mothers. These pictures are then usually simply framed and given to the seniors on recognition night.

        Field coordinator:  Responsibilities include field preparation both pre and post season.  This would include (but not be limited to):  organize setup and break down of; nets/goals/pitch-backs/etc.